Monday, October 26, 2009

Love Messages

Love me now, love me never, but if you love me, love me forever.

Is it better for a woman to marry a man who loves her than a man she loves.

Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you love them, and just because you don’t know people doesn’t mean you can’t love them. You can fall in love with a complete stranger in a heartbeat, if God planned that route for you. So open your heart to strangers more often. You never know when God will throw that pass at you. ~ Heather Grove ~

Why do you say you love me, if you are only going to leave me? ~ Julia ~
It doesn’t take a reason to love someone, but it does to like someone. You don’t love someone because you want to, you love someone because you are destined too. It’s because you fall in Love with them, that you then try to find a reason, but you always come up with the answer, No reason!
Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Never give up when you still feel you can take it. Never say you don’t love a person when you can’t let go. ~ Dons ~


  1. peh..kerap gile ko update skrg ni..confirm nuffnang ko byk dahh...

  2. SundaeCone - byk ape nyeeee baru 0.25 aku pun pelik apsal ciput je tp update bkn sbb duit arrrr.....sbb kat sini je laaaa tmpt nak luah perasaan huhuhu lega la skit pas dah menaip tu