Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why is my blog so depressing?

Because everyday,

I get up and pretend
I'm okay and that nothing is wrong
I do this so I don't 'seek attention'
So that no one knows how I really feel.
I'm too scared to say it.
So I hide behind a smile, its my mask.

I tell that I'm tired but in fact I'm depressed.

I'm slowly giving up.

Sometimes I wonder if I will be ever be happy with myself. 
I worry that if I cant be happy with myself, 
then nobody will ever be happy with me 
and that just made me more paranoid. 
It's a cycle, insecurity, in confidence and diffidence, 
its all a cycle and it's destroying me.

I'm really miss those memories almost 7 months back
Feeling the same sign again and again
Why does it always rain on me?

Depression is not a sign of weakness,
it mean you have been strong for far too long.