Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Do I...Get Through One Nite Without You

I really hate this feeling, tak sedap hati...
Tp kali ni rase lain mcm yang amat...

Korang penah rase tak perasaan keliru, berat hati, stress bile korang terpaksa buat keputusan yang korang 'rase' or 'pk' 'terbaik' untuk org lain walaupun hati korang tak rela pun mende tu jadi??? Dan sentiasa cari peluang terbaik untuk cuba luahkan keputusan tu dan jaga hati org yg akan terima keputusan yang kite dah wat...

Ataupun jalan paling terbaik ialah bincang same2 dan dptkan keputusan yang sama2 rasa terbaik???Tapi nak mula bukak topik serius tu laaa yg susah kan????Dah lerrr siang keje stress, kalau mlm tu dpt laaa rest skit ke otak drp mende2 remeh tp nak kena pk dan ckp psl personal case.....

I'm afraid and happy if what I think just the same like what he think. Although akan rase sakit tp xde la terrrrlalu sakit kan???

It is so easy if other people can read our mind, so that we do not have to say the hardest thing that can make others heart especially people that we love.

What ever decision that we have to make must considered outcomes that effect someone life.

Maybe for us, its just small things but for someone maybe BIG.

We also need to think what will affect our life coz nobody will love us if we do not love ourselves.

My main channel of communications is by writing, but it is not proper if I'm not facing him to tell the truth...But for sure I cant talk and facing his face like I already done before, the words that flowing in my mind cannot come out the same through my fact, 'something' yang tak patut kuar pun leh terkeluar....memalukan sungguh tp dah name pompuan kan.....

There's so hard to break the problem that you had made and exactly know how is will effects your fragile heart. Dah stat main api kena tahan la panas dan pedih api tu....

Still Here

Sometimes I wanna leave
I think of giving up on us
I say I'm letting go but when I do
And even thought you say it's not true
You love to keep me running round in circles
But I wouldn't want it any other way

Cause I'm still here
To walk right through your fires
When I'm not near you
My whole world turns a lie
So if I fight I will fight to be with you
And if I die let me die because of you

You try to push away
Then try to bring me back again
It's so incredible
How you can always mess with my head
Sometimes I wish I didn't need you
I wish you didn't have a look that breaks me
But I just can't seem to keep myself away

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