Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please your love one with roses...

I'd get this tips from . Can used to give away to your love ones. Mom, dad, bro, sis, buah hati, hubby, wife or anyone lerrr...
Since this month people called it love month, but no celebrate the V date ok....not good.
From this magic number which you would prefer to give for or get it from your love one?
Actually, I have many favourites more than 10! hahaha I'm sooooo tamak haloba. Bajet I get jutawan je kan nak suh bagi byk2....tapi I will keep it by myself je, takut laaa nnt ade secret admirer terhantar bunge ni kat I, and easy nak berubah hati hahaha...sory beb kalu bagi kereta maybe laaa worth it kot kalu nak berlaku curang but not just flowersss...
Anyway, this tips can make you romantic skali skale tp jgn wat selalu laaa sbbnye mcm dah x special, untuk jimatkan bajet leh la mula tanam sendiri pokok rose and make sure laaa bunganya keluar ye... bagi trus dgn pasu2 tu hehehe bagi dia plak jagakan that pokok.
1 Rose
Exceptional love all concentrated on you.

2 Roses
Two of us deeply in love.

3 Roses
I love you.
(dah dpt pun almost 6 months ago, tq dear)

6 Roses
I want to be yours.

9 Roses
Love each other eternally.

11 Roses
You are the one I love most in my life.

12 Roses
Satisfactory union and mutual affinity.

13 Roses
Secret admirer.

24 Roses
Remember fondly every moment
(24 hours cannot forget you).
33 Roses
Saying "I love you" with PROFOUND LOVE.

36 Roses
Feeling romantic attachment because you come to me.

44 Roses
Constant unchangeable pledge.

50 Roses
This is "Regretless Love".

56 Roses
My love.

66 Roses
Successful love affair.

99 Roses
Love with understanding makes love eternal.

100 Roses
Harmonious union in a century, remain a devoted couple 'till ripe-old age.

101 Roses
No other love but you.

108 Roses
Please marry me!

111 Roses
Eternal love.

123 Roses
Free love.

144 Roses
Loving you day and night eternally.
365 Roses
Thinking of you everyday, love you everyday.

999 Roses
Everlasting and eternal love.

1001 Roses
Faithful love, 'till forever
p/s : Tapi I would prefer chocolate or things rather than flower ni sbbnye sayang nak buang + the wrapper color yellow, just imagine flower bouquet yg my parents give since my convo Aug 2006 still hanging on the wall in my room...hehehe
All pictures were taken from here.

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