Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm happy to know you happy

Pagi td mase nak stat kete ke opis dpt sms berita sedih, one of my staff had loose his beloved father. Al FATIHAH....

Walaupun tgh sedih tp bile bukak ym td tibe2 dtg plak brite gembira. I'm so happpppyyyy for you my dear friend (you know I'm talking about you). Walaupun mcm2 halangan dan cabaran dan segala dengki khianat manusia akhirnya dtg jugak sinar yang baru dlm hidupmu. Well now I believe that Allah will help people that always remember Allah.

I shouldnt complaint or ungrateful for what Allah already give it to me. Maybe Dia dah ade suratan yang terbaik untuk aku tanpa sedar atau belum tiba masanya lagi. Only one thing I cant change or still cannot accept if .................

However, hope it will be better day by day and do the rigtht THING for me in the right TIME with the right PERSON at the right PLACE in the right WAY for the right REASON, Insya Allah I will be ALL right.

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