Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking of me

"You are a sensitive person and you will be pleased to make Happiness to everybody, you will love to see the Joy of life around yourself and however it is not always like this and it is waste yourself. And you haven't got, yourself too, the happy life that you should deserve, and however with all your possibilities that you've got in yourself, the happiness have been passed so often, so nearly of yourself but you didn't take or didn't know how to grasp it. Some opposed negative forces have then tied up yourself."

This sentence really make my day, thinking of whatever I do for the sake of other people happiness even it had hurt me, I will get it in return just soon or not. The best part is Patience and lets Allah decide what  is the best for me when all my efforts and struggle that I'd done. I believe that He knows the best for me, I shouldn't regret or angry as I have most of the Love from my family and friends.

'Sacrifice our feeling for the loves one to make them happy'

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