Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quality is better than quantity

The best way to get to know your love one or someone is to spend time together. The point is not how many time or days you seeing each other but what activities that your doing or topics that your talking to each other. Eventhough the same activities, same topic and expressions, it will not be so big problem.

When it comes to relationship, most women need their loves one be always beside them. Including me. Because we knows that we will be pampered and so childish when he is being around but have to be strong and Independence if he is not around.

Sometimes, we need to have our own space and time to be alone. Yes, that the normal human being rules. We had 100% power on ourselves. And no one should order or force you to do something if you refuse.

In my case, eventhough we're not spending everyday and everytime to see each other but the way that we both try to be close is important. We will use as many source of communication i.e. email, sms, calls just not IM coz he dont really like to chat...(ok la kot xde la ramai sgt aweksss akan terpikat kat die kan, maklum laaa org 'hensem'). Varieties of these can make our relationship more meaningful and colorful.

I hate to missing someone because its will hurting me so much, what I always do is keep myslef busy and try to lepak or ronggeng with members. At least your can get it out of your mind for a while not forever.

Ape yang aku merepek ni ek??Maafkan laaa tuan tanah...still struggling with her personal life and wanna have suitable time to get it settle down and dont know how and when it will be end.

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