Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank you dear...

To whom it may be concern,

Thanks for being here for me....menahan kerenah yg kdg2 diri sendiri pun xleh tahan. Always trying to make me to be neutral as fast as I can.

Menjadi tempat lepas geram, dan mcm2 tekanan yang kadang2 dah lame ditahan, dan smpi masa you will be the victim.

And I dont know how it can be long, pasni xtau nak ngadu kat sape dah, nobody will listen and understand what I'm facing now. Even I;m not sharing all my thoughts and feeling to you. 

I need reservation for me so dat, if nobody like you being here, I still can stand and get enuf strength to handle my stress.

There's so many thing spinning around my head. My short term memory loss also had effect me. Maybe I need new lifestyle??New job???To CEO's please hire this suck and lazy worker.

At this moment, I am really stressful and want to be alone and thinking of nothing. Sampai bile diri sendiri dpt bertahan? Hoping that I have enuf strength or????

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