Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still Searching for the Answer.....

Loved??or to be Loved???

Love..consists of : 
happiness and sadness
give and take
hurting and comforting
faith and honesty

for those who are only think
that love should bring happiness all the time
not ready to be hurt
cannot lies on the faith
never dare to face sadness
they are not worth to be loved by others
or else they will hurt people around them

-jane yap cassiopeia-

Menunggu org yang dicintai dtg menunaikan janji, atau menerima janji orang yang mencintai kita?? Why all this thing make my life so miserable???


  1. harimau malaya menang smlm 3-0. kaitan ngan entry ka? :P

  2. SC- ko ni ting tong ke ape, entry ni sedih, menang smlm tu hepi..issshhh bile kite nak pi melawat anak-anak buah tiri kite ni haaaa????

  3. tu r Anggun da umur 2 bulan da ni.....
    si Asyraf pun da lahir..sepasang korang dpt ni...:P