Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please.....help me!!!

Today, on my way to CFC untuk beli lunch...I'd been asked by the staff that handling the staff residental. The question is???? "Kalau bilik master bagi lecturer dr France sewa boleh tak???Dia ok xde byk hal...." Someone said "NO" on behalf of me eventhough I'm not thinking of it or still to adapt the question into my mind & heart....And one of my roomate said "OK" (actually just 2 of us in the house rite now).

What I'm thiking rite now the PROS are :-
1. Get to know new frens from France (dont have any)
2. Can speak English better & can learn France languange
3. Maybe she can bring me to France!!!

And the CONTRAS are :-
1. If she is religious (Christian)
2. Her food (non halal) if she cooks or eat inside the house / masuk holy water ke dlm bekas2 air aku yg byk atas peti tu.... huhuhu
3. She didnt understand Malay cultures and Islam (hard to consider even between Malay too)
4. And many more bad thinking

I know maybe you all trying to said that I'm too fussy, choosy, traditional, or typical Malay gurl but yesss that's me! Even I'm doing a personal test and I'm fall into traditional person that have jatidiri....

But I think, my beloved frens out there can give opinion to me what am I supposed to do and how to reply the question politely if I wanna rejected the 'offer'.

Pleaseee frensss hit me back...Thanks


  1. First...ko tgk jer nos. kat pro ngan cont tu...tp kan kan kan....sometimes we shouldn't think -ve. Turn around the contras...who knows...she one day will be a muslim. Anyway...LU PIKIR LA SENDIRI....cam Nabil ckp tu. Hehe...

  2. As u said...u has ur own jatidiri...why shuld afraid...Tak timbul pun masalah kat contras tu. M I right?????

  3. Anonymous - thanks for the comment anyway maybe u dont know me better, everything I do most important saya akan pk kan apakah tindakan yg dilakukan akan menyakitkan hati sesiapa atau merosakkan hidup sesiapa...I've never think for my side exactly...lagipun my osmet dah penah ade pengalaman duduk dgn bangsa lain for example osmet chinese die slalu bawa bf dlm umah and 2nd osmet india time kite solat maghrib die pun semayang jugak sambil bunyi2 loceng & bau colok 1 umah (saya tak nafikan kebebasan agama) how long u will be used to it? Anyway, hidup saya selalu pentingkan perasaan org lain smpikan I have meaningful life anymore...jika tidak I'll be the most cruel person