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How Can I Learn to Trust Men Again?

Entry kali ni maybe boleh jadik panas kepada sesetengah org, kalau rase terlebih sensitif atau terlebih emosi, silakan 'menghalau' diri sendiri untuk bace posting ni yerrkkk... Kerjasama dan perhatian anda amatlah tuan tanah hargai.
Once a man has scorned you, you may find that it is hard to trust anyone again especially another man. This can be live changing experience and you may need help trying to figure out what you can do to get over this relationship and what has happened to you. There are so many reasons why a woman can loose trust in her partner and it may be hard to get those feelings of trust back. In fact, for some women and relationships, the trust is lost forever. 

Haaaa lelaki kat luar sane, kalau nak lukakan hati seorang perempuan, ready laa untuk dikurangkan kepercayaan kepada kamu yerkk...hihihi

Mari kite tgk sbb ape jadi macam tu?

Why do men lie?
1. There are some men that do nothing but lie all the time and then there are men that never tell an untruth about anything. It will depend the personality of the man and how they grew up.

2. Sometimes how a person was raised can be the determining factor about how a man acts when he is an adult. If they are raised around men that lie all the time and are not very respectful to women, they may grow up to be the same way. This is not something that is necessarily going to happen, but it can be a cause.

3. There are many men that lie because they are ashamed of whom they are. They may not tell a woman the truth because they are not excited about anything in their life. They may feel ashamed of who they are and what they do for living or even where they come from. Sometimes a man will lie to make they look better in the eyes of a woman. Little do they know that this will only make a women less attracted to them because of the lies they tell?

4. Another reason why men lie is to cheat. There are so many relationships ruined because a man has cheated. Once a man cheats on a woman, the woman will have a hard time ever really trusting the man again. They may find it difficult to maintain a good relationship with anyone ever again. This can be a devastating blow to any woman that has low self-esteem already.

How to tell when a man is lying
1. Some women can tell just by the way the man is acting. Some men cannot look them in the eye, get nervous and act suspicious, and may even stutter or fumble their words. However there are some men that can lay so well that no one will ever be able to tell.

2. It is important for women to try and recognize the signs of a man lying to her so that they can tell when they are being fooled or not. This is something that will take a little bit of knowledge and a lot of patience. If a woman is being lied to, they should not stand for it. They need to take control of their own life and remove themselves from this type of unnatural relationship.

What can I do to rebuild the bond and trust?

Many women will not give up on the man that she loves. She may find that this is the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. When this happens, they will try and do anything they can to make the relationship a success again.

For some of these relationships it is possible to do. However there are some that will never be repaired. Sometimes a woman can just tell when there is no hope for their relationship and they will have to learn to accept the fact that their man is a liar and there is no hope.

However for some, there is hope and this is a long and difficult process.

There may be time when a woman just wants to give up and leave the situation, but then she realizes that she wants to try a build the bond again. When this is the case, there needs to be a lot of communication. For some couples, counseling is necessary to get the relationship back on track.

It is important to talk the situation out and lay down ground rules.

This is a very important step that has to be taken so that the couple can figure out where they stand in the relationship. Laying down ground rules is important to. This is where the woman needs to feel like she is in control and that she has all the cards in her hand. If a man is serious about being with you, they will do whatever is necessary to gain your trust again.

Should you trust someone with a history of infidelity?
If you are thinking about having, a relationship with someone that has be unfaithful before, you may have a tough road ahead of you. This will be something that will take a little bit of time and work. You will want to be a little leery in the beginning. You do not want to go too fast in case the man tries to repeat history. You can trust someone until they give you reason not too, however you need to be cautious so that you are not putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Can you change a man? Is it possible for them to not lie again?

For some men, you can change the way they behave. You can do your very best to make them see what a good thing they have with you and that any little mess up can take it all away. You will want to make them understand that you are in control and that you are making the rules. They will have to follow them and change their lying and cheating ways or the relationship will have no merit.

Men can change and there is no reason to give up on them right away. If you think the relationship is worth saving, you can take the appropriate steps to make sure that you are both happy without the risk of ever having to deal with this problem again.

p/s : Lelaki yang baik utk perempuan yang baik, so kalau asik jumpe yg x berapa baik tu means diri sendiri lum baik lagi laaa kan...insya allah akan cuba istiqomah dan perbaiki diri untuk menanti seseorang yang terbaik untuk diri ini.

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