Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friend Forever

Just for You,

Thanks for being my friend even though we been so closed about a month ago.

We had share a lot things and you give me support and words that make my heart and mind so calm.

You really know what inside me even though I'm not telling you nothing.

We had raya shopping together and a few times break fasting.

Such a wonderful day when hanging out with you.

Even though your not my other half, family or relatives but no such a great person that I ever closed.

Thanks for wasting your time and money just for me.

You are the 1st person that I heard when I woke up and last person that talk to me before I go to bed.

I know you want to hear me happy always and you can recognize it when I'm sad.

Hoping that you keep continuing giving me strength to make my life cheerful everyday.

May our friendship will be everlasting. May Allah bless your life too.....


p/s : thanks to others yang hantar sms ucapan hari, bagi duit raye dan hadiah raye, thanks!!!This year was a wonderful raya for me....

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