Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"They say that if you love someone you should let them go, but they never say what to do when they don’t come back."

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.

"I wish you could look at me and see the person you once loved instead of the person you have grown to hate."

"Love is the hardest drug to quit, but it is even harder when it is taken away."

"If I could control my heart, I would stop it from falling in love with you."

"If a tear fell from my eyes each time I thought of you, I would have a puddle of fallen wishes."

"Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself."

"True love never dies as we see in our eyes, only when we let go that we can truly say goodbye."

"Aku mentari tapi tak menghangatkanmu, aku pelangi tak memberi warna di hidupmu
aku sang bulan tak menerangi malammu, aku lah bintang yg hilang ditelan kegelapan"

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